Bird Flu Spreads Across US, Bald Eagles Infected and Killed

Fourth EstateChickens in a large scale poultry farm (file photo)

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) reported that the highly virulent H5N1 bird flu has spread across the country and has killed hundreds of birds from livestock to bald eagles. According to the USDA and CDC,  27,016,123 livestock poultry and …

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Rare Birth of Sumatran Rhino Brings ‘hope’ to Rhino Conservation

Fourth EstateRare Birth of Sumatran Rhino Brings 'hope' to Rhino Conservation

The rare birth of a Sumatran rhino, which is classified as a critically endangered animal, sparked hope for rhino conservation in Indonesia.  A Sumatran rhino named Rosa gave birth to a female cub on Thursday, March 24, in the Sumatran …

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Last Known Irrawady Dolphin Found Dead

Cambodian wildlife officials reported the death of the last known freshwater Irrawaddy dolphin on the stretch of the Mekong River in northeastern Cambodia on Wednesday. The dolphin was found dead on Tuesday on a riverbank in Stung Treng province near …

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Australia Starts Chlamydia Vaccine Trials on Koalas

To save the “functionally extinct” koalas from completely disappearing, Australian researchers and wildlife veterinarians on Friday have started vaccinating koalas against chlamydia, a sexually transmitted disease that has spread widely among Australian koalas. “It is a cruel disease that causes …

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