U.S. Energy Department Announces $3.1 Billion for Electric Vehicle Battery Production

Fourth EstateElectric car batteries - mrdavisdc

The United States Department of Energy (DOE) announced on May 2 a $3.1 billion in funding to support electric vehicle battery production in the country. The funding, part of President Joe Biden’s $555 billion Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, will be given …

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France’s Power Grid Strained After Shutting Down 50% of Nuclear Reactors for Maintenance

Fourth EstateVapor fume from Cooling towers of nuclear power plants in France (Saint-Laurent Nuclear Power Plant) (2016 File Photo) - L. Amiot

France decided to shut down half of its nuclear reactors for maintenance which has put a strain on the country’s power supply. Electricite de France (EDF) shut down 28 reactors due to corrosion issues that were discovered at numerous facilities, …

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Turkey Cuts Power to Opposition Leader’s Home After Refusing to Pay Bills

Fourth EstateTurkish opposition leader Kemal Kilicdaroglu

The Leader of Turkey’s main opposition leader Kemal Kilicdaroglu said Thursday that electricity in his home was cut off after he refused to pay the bill in protest of price increase. “I just received the news from my wife that …

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India-Sri Lanka to Revive Energy Grid Deal

Fourth EstatePower Grid - "Power Grid" by brewbooks

India and Sri Lanka have revived their energy deal, resuming the  discussion on linking their electricity grids. The secretary of Sri Lanka’s power ministry said that the talk was yet at its initial stage. Inflation, currency devaluation, and shortages caused …

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Nigerian Power Grid Collapses for Second Time

Fourth EstateTransmission Company of Nigeria linemen work on a substation in a Feb 2022 file photo - Via TCN

Nigeria’s electricity grid crashed again yesterday, after crashing to zero generation and supply in March, and caused countless homes and businesses to plunge into absolute darkness and distressed Nigerian citizens. According to the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN), the grid …

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Chinese Hackers Reportedly Breach Ladakh Power Grid

Fourth EstateChinese-state-linked hacking montage

Chinese-state-linked hackers breached the Indian power grid near Ladakh, a private intelligence firm reported. The Chinese hackers have targeted the Indian electricity distribution centers over the last eight months, private intelligence firm Record Future said. The hacking was concentrated in …

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Power Station Fire Causes Mass Blackouts in Puerto Rico

Fourth EstatePuerto Rico’s Electric Power Authority's Costa Sur power plant, one of the largest power generation facilities in the U.S. territory.

A major power outage hit Puerto Rico on Wednesday,  causing an island wide blackout lafter a fire erupted at Puerto Rico’s Electric Power Authority’s Costa Sur power plant, one of the largest power generation facilities in the U.S. territory. Puerto …

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Saudi Aramco Ramps Up Investments to Boost Oil Production

Fourth EstateSaudi Aramco Logo

The state-owned oil company Saudi Aramco plans to sharply increase its investments to boost energy production this year, after it reported its profits to have doubled in 2021 from price surges. Aramco said on Sunday that it aims to increase …

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ISIS Terrorists to Attack Power Pylons Across Iraq Official Warns

The State of Law Coalition, led by former Prime Minister of Iraq Nouri al-Maliki, on Wednesday warned that Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist group would possibly attack critical infrastructures, including destroying the power towers in different governorates. “It’s not wise to …

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European Energy Prices Plunge as Wind Turbines Poised for Stormy Weather

Stronger winds are helping ease Europe’s energy crisis, with German energy prices turning negative due to stormy winds across northwest Europe poising to generate record levels of power. Weather forecasters in the U.K., France and Germany warned of high-speed winds …

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