Iran to Produce Drone In Tajikistan

Fourth EstateAbabil UAV - Frode Bjorshol

Iran said on Tuesday that it would produce its Ababil 2 drone at a facility newly established in Tajikistan. Iran’s Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces Major General Mohammad Bagheri and Defense Minister of Tajikistan Sherali Miroz inaugurated the …

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Honduran Drug Clan Matriarch, Herlinda Bobadilla, Captured, Son Killed

Fourth EstateHonduran Drug Clan Matriarch, Herlinda Bobadilla, Captured, Son Killed

Los Montes drug clan matriarch Herlinda Bobadilla has been captured after a shootout withHonduran authorities in a mountainous area of ​​ Colón, Honduras while her son has been killed. “In an intense confrontation between Honduran police and drug traffickers in …

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Australian Police find $14m Worth of Cocaine Near Diver’s Body

Fourth EstateCocaine - Marco Verch Professional Photographer

The New South Wales (NSW) Police Force found more than 50 kilograms of cocaine worth AU$20 million ($14 million) near a diver’s body on Monday. The police found the diver on the shore of Hunter River at Newcastle after receiving …

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Swiss Police Seize Over 500kg of Cocaine in Coffee Shipment at Nespresso Plant

Fourth EstateSwiss police seized more than 500 kilograms of cocaine — worth more than $50 million — hidden in coffee shipments sent to a Nespresso factory. - State of Briborg | Staat Freiburg

Swiss police seized over 500 kilograms (1,100 pounds) of cocaine from a shipment of coffee beans delivered to a Nespresso factory. In a statement on May 5, workers at the coffee plant in Romont in the western Swiss canton of …

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US Government Offers Monetary Reward for Information Against Honduran Drug Traffickers

Fourth EstateMontes Bobadilla family - US Department of State

The US Department of State (DOS) announced that a $5 million reward would be given to anyone who will disclose information that would lead to the arrest of Honduran drug trafficker Herlinda Bobadilla. A reward was also announced for the …

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British Virgin Islands Premier Arrested in Miami for Alleged Drug Trafficking

Fourth EstateAndrew Fahie, Premier of the British Virgin Islands - Gov't of the BVI

British Virgin Islands Premier Andrew Fahie was arrested at a Miami airport by the United States Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) on charges of drug trafficking. DEA agents detained Fahie along with the British Virgin Island’s Port Authority managing director Oleanvine …

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