NYPD Continues Manhunt for Subway Shooter

Fourth EstateSurveillance photos of the suspect in a fatal shooting of a passenger in an unprovoked attack on a Manhattan-bound subway train | NYPD

NYPD Commissioner Keechant Sewell released surveillance photos of the man suspected of fatally shooting another passenger in an unprovoked attack on a Manhattan-bound subway train on Sunday.  “We need all eyes on this,” Sewell said.  “According to witnesses, the suspect …

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Severed Head of Missing Nigerian Lawmaker Found in Park

Fourth EstateNigerian politician Okechukwu Okoye

Police in Nigeria announced on Sunday that they had discovered the severed head of a state legislator who went missing last week in the southern state of Anambra. The lawmaker, in a report by local Nigerian news outlet Daily Post, …

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Hong Kong Telegram Group Admin Imprisoned for Allegedly Inciting Violence

Fourth EstateTelegram App Icon on mobile device

Hong Kong District Court sentenced a Telegram channel administrator to six and a half years imprisonment for allegedly inciting violence and vandalism in the 2019 social unrest.  Ng Man-ho, 27, was sentenced on seven incitement charges of conspiring to incite …

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Jordan King Abdullah Restricts Prince Hamza’s Movement, and Communication

Jordan’s King Abdullah II announced in a royal decree issued on Thursday, that Prince Hamzah’s communications, place of residence, and movement have been limited. Prince Hamzah, the King’s half-brother, former royal court chief, Bassam Awadallah, and royal family member Sherif …

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The US Department of Justice Sues Casino Tycoon for Illegally Lobbying Trump for China

Fourth EstateSteve Wynn, age 80. | File photo

The US Department of Justice sued former casino tycoon Steve Wynn, age 80, on Tuesday for lobbying the Trump administration on behalf of the Chinese government.  The complaint filed alleged that Wynn had discussions with then-US president Donald Trump and …

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Cheese Wall Artist Settles Lawsuit with US-Mexican Border Contractors

Fourth EstateCosimo Cavallaro vs. SLSCO, LT. and Ultimate Concrete LLC | PACER

An artist who constructed a six-foot-tall wall of cheese near the US-Mexico border has settled his lawsuit on Monday against two government contractors he accused of destroying his work three years ago. Cosimo Cavallaro, an Italian-Canadian artist, filed a lawsuit …

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Mexican Avocado Growers Seek Asylum in the United States

Fourth EstateMexican Avocados

Migrant advocacy group Al Otro Lado said Monday that violence and lawlessness in the Mexican state, Michoacan, have pushed avocado growers to leave their homes and seek asylum in the United States. Al Otro Lado reported that 32 members of …

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Long Lost Picasso Painting Spotted in Marcos Residence Valuated at $153m

Fourth EstateFemme Couche VI (Reclining Woman VI) on the wall in the Marcos residence in 2019

A former chairman of the Presidential Commission on Good Governance reacted to photos showing a missing Pablo Picasso painting in the living room of former first lady Imelda Marcos on Friday. The PCGG has supposedly already seized the Femme Couche …

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Myanmar Activists Ask US to Sanction Junta Oil Firms

More than 600 local and international civil society organizations in Myanmar and over 220,000 people have endorsed an open letter to US President Joe Biden, urging him to sanction Myanmar’s oil and gas revenues and stop the financial support of …

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Pro-Junta Militias Grow in Myanmar

Fourth EstateTatmadaw troops walking - Clay Gilliland

Pro-democracy and anti-junta activists said they felt more unsafe as pro-junta militias in Myanmar grew. An anti-coup protester told Radio Free Asia (RFA) Myanmar Service that the anti-junta activists feel increasingly unsafe as the pro-junta groups spread. “What I am …

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