UK Supports Lithuanian Bid to Lift Ukraine Grain Blockade

Fourth EstateGrain being loaded on bulk cargo ship

The United Kingdom said it would support Lithuania in its bid to lift the Russian grain blockade in Ukraine. British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss said that the UK has been working on “urgent solutions to get the grain out of …

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Ikea Continues to Source Russian Lumber

Fourth EstateIkea Store - Kgbo

Furniture company Ikea has continued to source Russian lumber despite its pledge to pause all imports from and exports to the country. Development Manager Purchasing at Ikea Robert Olsson confirmed to Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet that the company had not stopped …

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Russian Ships continue to Unload Oil in Europe

Fourth EstateOil Tanker in the Bosphorus - Teo Romera

Russian ships have continued to unload oil in Europe despite the European Union’s proposed complete import ban on all Russian oil. Gazprom announced Sunday that the company has continued delivering gas to Europe through Ukraine. A company spokesperson said that …

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Indonesian Palm Oil Ban Causes Soyoil Prices to Rise

Fourth EstateSoy Oil - anthony@sg

Soybean oil prices soared on Friday as Indonesia banned the export of palm oil to address local shortages. Soybean oil is considered to be an easy substitute for palm oil. Palm oil in Kuala Lumpur reached RM6,355 ($1,469) a ton, …

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India’s March WPI Inflation Accelerates to 14.55%

India’s Wholesale Price Index inflation reached 14.55 percent in March as prices of oil and gas products increased. The inflation rate for all commodities increased by 3.25 percent from 13.11 percent inflation in February. The inflation for fuel and power …

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Bird Flu and Ukraine War Causes Egg Prices to Soar


Egg prices have significantly increased due to the infectious bird flu outbreak across the United Stated and the persisting war in Ukraine. The price for national trading of a truckload of graded, loose, white large shell eggs has risen to …

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Large Fire Erupts at Waheen market in Hargeisa, Hundreds of Businesses Destroyed and Dozens injured

Fourth EstateHargeisa Map - Fourth Estate

Officials in northern Somalia said a massive fire has reduced Hargeisa’s main market into ashes overnight, injuring more than 20 people and destroying hundreds of businesses. Somaliland President Muse Bihi Abdi said during a visit to Waheen that about 28 …

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Japan Pushes for Rice Flour Use as Wheat Prices Soar

Fourth EstateWheat Flour - Photo by Immo Wegmann on Unsplash

Japan is pushing for rice flour as a substitute for wheat flour as prices increase because of the war in Ukraine. According to The Japan News, the price of rice is less likely to fluctuate compared to wheat, which is …

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