Shell Consultant Resigns, Accusing Company of Causing ‘Extreme Harm’ to Environment

Fourth EstateShell Tanker Truck | Nachoman-au

A senior safety consultant at Shell resigned on May 23 after 11 years, accusing the oil giant of causing “extreme harm” to the environment. In a public letter posted on her LinkedIn account, Caroline Dennett said that she could no …

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European Greenhouse Gas Emissions Top Pre-Pandemic Levels

Fourth EstateEmissions rise from a factory in Europe - File Photo

The European Union’s (EU) greenhouse gas emissions from economic activity rose to levels considerably higher than before the coronavirus pandemic began. Eurostat, the EU’s statistics office, revealed that greenhouse gas emissions increased significantly in the fourth quarter of 2021 compared …

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Delhi Temperatures Reaches 49C

Fourth EstateTemperature map of the Indian sub-continent - NOAA

New Delhi has recorded maximum temperatures as high as 49.2 degrees Celsius on Sunday. The temperature in Mungeshpur in New Delhi reached 49.1 degrees Celsius and 49.2 degrees Celsius in Najafgarh, while the lowest temperature recorded reached 45.5 degrees Celsius …

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Wells Fargo Adds Emissions Target Requirements for Oil, Gas Clients

Wells Fargo on Thursday revealed new targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through its financing of firms in the oil and gas sector. The bank’s interim targets aim to reduce the absolute emissions of companies it lends to in the …

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Stanford Announces First Climate Change School With $1.1B From Venture Capitalist

Fourth EstateAnn and John Doerr provided $1.1 billion to create the Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability, - E. Caldwell | Stanford Univ.

Stanford University is launching a new school focused on climate change, with funding from John Doerr, a renowned Silicon Valley venture capitalist. Doerr and his wife Ann donated $1.1 billion to fund the Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability, the largest …

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China Sets Up Everest Weather Station

Fourth EstateChinese researchers installing the world’s highest automatic meteorological station at 8800 metres on Mount Everest. - Courtesy CCTV

Chinese researchers installed the highest automatic weather station in the world on Wednesday at an altitude of 8,800 meters on top of Mount Everest to study the effects of climate change. The new weather station would be the first to …

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Temperatures Reach 60°C in Parts of North India

Fourth EstateIndia Heat Map - ESA

Satellite images of the land surface captured by the Sentinel-3 mission showed that the land surface temperatures over parts of northwest India exceeded 60 degrees Celsius on Saturday. “… the Sentinel-3 mission was able to obtain an accurate measurement of …

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