Azov Sea May Face Extinction Due To Bombings

Fourth EstateThe coast of the Azov Sea at low tide | AlixSaz

Russia’s bombing of the Azovstal steel plant might cause the “complete” extinction of the Sea of Azov. The Mariupol City Council posted on Telegram Wednesday that the bombings in the Azovstal steel plant could damage facilities that contain concentrated hydrogen …

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Japanese Authorities Investigate Disinfectant-Sports Drink Mixup that Led to One Hospitalization

Fourth EstateSports Drink cups - Night-thing

Japanese authorities said they would investigate the incident of disinfectant and drink mixup that caused the hospitalization of a high school student. A Japanese student felt sick and vomited after drinking sanitizer instead of a drink. Another student who drank …

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EU Unveils Huge Ban on Dangerous Chemicals Plan

Fourth EstateFirefighter Facing Hazardous Chemical Rack - Pixabay

The European Commission unveiled its plan to prohibit thousands of harmful chemicals used in various consumer products, ammunition, and buildings. As part of the European Green Deal, the commission has extended its Chemical Strategy for Sustainability to restrict certain substances …

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Russian Federation Council speaker says Chemical Weapons in Russia already disposed of

Fourth EstateRussian Chemical Weapons Stockpiles - Green Cross Switzerland

Russian Federation Council Speaker Valentina Matviyenko has claimed that Russia already destroyed all chemical weapons stockpiles five years ago. According to Matviyenko, the alleged use of chemical weapons was attempted “to smear the Russian Army” and “smear Russia”.  “This all …

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Biden Alleges Russia Ready to Use Chemical Weapons in Ukraine

Fourth EstateChemical weapons at the Kizner storage depot in Russia, in a 2017 file photo. | Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation

United States President Joe Biden accused Russia of preparing to use biological and chemical weapons amid the war in Ukraine. Russian President Vladimir Putin claimed that Ukraine has biological and chemical weapons, but Biden said that Putin’s accusation suggested Russia’s …

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Fourteen Guests Hospitalized Due to High Carbon Monoxide Levels at Ohio Hotel Pool

Fourteen guests, including six children, were hospitalized on Jan. 29 after a “life threatening” carbon monoxide leak at an Ohio hotel. Police said they responded to a report of an unconscious two-year-old girl at about 5:30 p.m. and received additional …

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Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Coolant is Leaking

Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO), the operator of Japanese Fukushima nuclear power plant reported that the coolant used to keep groundwater from entering the destroyed reactors has leaked. The calcium chloride coolant was used to freeze the soil around the …

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Thailand Bans Coral-Damaging Sunscreens

The Thai government has banned sunscreens containing chemicals that damage coral reefs from its marine national parks on Wednesday. The Thai Department of Conservation released a document banning the use of sunscreen containing four ingredients shown to “deteriorate coral reefs, …

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Monsanto Told to Pay Teachers $185 Million Over Chemical Exposure

Three school teachers in Washington will receive $185 million after suing chemical company Monsanto over chemical exposure from fluorescent lights that caused brain damage. The teachers claimed they were exposed to polychlorinated biphenyls, or PCBs, from fluorescent lighting in the …

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Mass Evacuations Ordered After Thai Chemical Factory Explodes, Killing 1 Person

Thai Authorities have ordered a mass evacuation after the Ming Dih foam and plastic pellet manufacturing factory located just outside Bangkok near Suvarnabhumi Airport exploded, killing one person and injuring 29 others. The Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Department and Bang …

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