Russian Military Enlistment Office Firebombed

Fourth EstateVideo feed screen-capture of an unknown person throwing fire-bombs at a Russian military recruiting office. in Nizhnevartovsk, Russia. - Baza

The military registration and enlistment office building in Nizhnevartovsk has been firebombed by unknown assailants. “Tonight, an unknown person threw two bottles of the combustible mixture in the dressing room of the military registration and enlistment office in Nizhnevartovsk. A …

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French Police Investigate Russian Orthodox Church Fire

Fourth EstateSaint-Séraphin-de-Sarov - Groume/Flickr

The Paris firefighting department said French police launched an investigation into the cause of the fire that ravaged the Saint-Seraphin-de-Sarov, a small Russian Orthodox church in central Paris this weekend.  The rector of the Paris church has denied earlier claims …

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Second Bus Hijacked, Set on Fire in Northern Ireland in a Week

Four men hijacked a double-decker bus and set it on fire on Nov. 7 near a loyalist estate on the outskirts of Belfast in what could be another protest against the Northern Ireland protocol. Police said the men boarded the …

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