Netflix Drops Meghan Markle’s Animated Series ‘Pearl’ Amid Cutbacks

Fourth EstateMeaghan Markle - eNCA - YouTube

Netflix dropped Meghan, Duchess of Sussex’s flagship animated series amid a wave of cutbacks, following a drop in subscribers. The streaming service giant canceled “Pearl,” the working title of a series about a 12-year-old girl who finds inspiration through influential …

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Doraemon Co-creator Fujiko A. Fujio Dies at 88

Fourth EstateDoraemon Co-creator Fujiko A. Fujio Dies at 88

Fujiko A. Fujio, the co-creator of the iconic manga series Doraemon, has died at age 88 on Thursday. Fujiko A. Fujio, whose real name was Motoo Abiko, died in his home in Kawasaki, Tokyo. Local police reports said that Fujiko …

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Fox Acquires Rights to Gumby, Plans to “Reimagine” Character

The Gumby franchise including the renowned green claymation mascot, his horse Pokey, and all of Clokey’s animation world characters have been bought by Fox Entertainment from the estate of Joseph Clokey, son of Gumby creator Art Clokey. Fox claims it …

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‘South Park’ Returns With Regular Season Episodes, Skewering Matt Damon and Cryptocurrency

South Park has returned with its first regular-season episode since 2019 — and it wasted no time in ridiculing Matt Damon and his latest Bitcoin ad. The boys’ fourth-grade class loses their right to wear their PJs to the school’s …

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