Heatwave Kills Birds in India

Photographer: Emilian Robert Vicol , publicphoto.org, Public DoDead Bird - Emilian Robert Vicol

Veterinarians and rescuers in India said Wednesday the heat waves sweeping across the country are killing birds.  According to local media reports, animal rescuers are picking up dozens of exhausted and dehydrated birds dropping every day in Gujarat state as …

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Ukrainian Bomb-Sniffing Dog Receives Award From President Volodymyr Zelensky

Fourth EstatePrime Minister Justin Trudeau and Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelensky present an award to the bomb sniffing dog 'Patron' during a news conference pm on 5 May, 2022 - Ukrainian Presidential Press Office

A famous Ukrainian bomb-sniffing dog received an award from President Volodymyr Zelensky at a ceremony in Kyiv on May 8. Zelensky awarded Patron, whom he described as “a small but very famous sapper,” and his owner Myhailo Iliev with the …

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Spanish Police Seize More than 1000 Illegal Taxidermy Animals

Fourth EstateSpanish officials inspect taxidermy animals seized in Bétera, a town north of Valencia, Spain - Spanish Civil Guard

Police forces in Spain have discovered one of Europe’s biggest taxidermy hauls, a private collection of over 1,000 stuffed animals — including rhinos, elephants, and polar bears — at a giant warehouse. Spain’s Civil Guard said in a statement that …

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More than 300 Rescue Dogs Starve to Death in Ukrainian Shelter

Fourth EstateThe bodies of dozens of starved dogs are collected for burial at an animal shelter in Borodyanka, Ukraine. - UAnimals

Volunteers of an animal charity found more than 300 dogs dead at an animal shelter in Ukraine on Tuesday after Russian occupiers left them to starve in their cages for weeks. Volunteers of UAnimals, the animal charity in Borodyanka, discovered …

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Rare Birth of Sumatran Rhino Brings ‘hope’ to Rhino Conservation

Fourth EstateRare Birth of Sumatran Rhino Brings 'hope' to Rhino Conservation

The rare birth of a Sumatran rhino, which is classified as a critically endangered animal, sparked hope for rhino conservation in Indonesia.  A Sumatran rhino named Rosa gave birth to a female cub on Thursday, March 24, in the Sumatran …

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Last Known Irrawady Dolphin Found Dead

Cambodian wildlife officials reported the death of the last known freshwater Irrawaddy dolphin on the stretch of the Mekong River in northeastern Cambodia on Wednesday. The dolphin was found dead on Tuesday on a riverbank in Stung Treng province near …

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