EU Citizens May Sue States for Dangerous Dirty Air, Top Court Says

Citizens of the European Union are entitled to sue their governments for financial compensation if air pollution reaches illegal levels and damages their health, an adviser for the bloc’s top court said on Thursday. “Advocate General Juliane Kokott takes the …

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Scientists Find Microplastics Deep in Live Human Lungs for the First Time

Fourth EstateMicroscopic photo of microplastic platricles

Scientists discovered microplastics deep in the lungs of living humans for the first time. Researchers at the University of Hull and Hull York Medical School in England found tiny pieces of plastic debris in 11 out of 13 samples taken …

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Russian Troops Shell Nitric Acid Tank in Rubizhne, Ukraine; Toxic Cloud Released

Fourth EstateA toxic cloud of nitric acid rises about the city of Rubizhne in Ukraine after Russian forces blew up a nitric acid storage tank. - W. Jeffrey Brown

Russian troops have blown up a tank of nitric acid in the city of Rubizhne, Luhansk Region, and released a toxic cloud. Luhansk Regional Military Administration Head Serhii Haidai reported that Russian troops have blown up a nitric acid tank …

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Australia’s Largest Coal Plant to Close Earlier than Planned

Australia’s largest coal-fired power station operator Origin Energy has announced it will close seven years earlier than planned, as it is increasingly unable to compete with the “influx of renewables.” The Eraring Power Station, a 2880-megawatt generator located on the …

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IOC Eases COVID Curbs for Beijing Games; China Warns on Pollution

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) announced on Monday a slight easing of the strict COVID-19 requirements for participants in next month’s Beijing Winter Olympics, although authorities also warned about seasonal air pollution.  The IOC said the changes include easing the …

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Londoners Advised to Stay Indoors Due to Pollution

Experts in the United Kingdom warned Londoners to avoid strenuous physical activity outdoors on Friday due to “very high” levels of pollution. The forecast has predicted pollution levels would hit band 10, the highest level on the scale. The government’s …

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