Boeing Tests Starliner Astronaut Capsule

(NASA/Bill Ingalls)Starliner Capsule | NASA/Bill Ingalls

Boeing has launched its new Starliner astronaut capsule on a test flight from Florida bound for the International Space Station on Thursday. Starliner lifted off a pad at Florida’s Cape Canaveral Space Force Station at 6:54 PM, setting off the …

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DJI Halts Ukraine and Russia Sales to Prevent Combat Use of Drones

Fourth EstateDJI Phantom Drone - Compudemano

Chinese technology company Da-Jiang Innovations (DJI) announced Tuesday it will temporarily suspend its business activities in Russia and Ukraine to prevent the use of drone products for combat. DJI said in a statement it has been reassessing its compliance to …

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NASA Moon Rocket Heads Back to Hangar for Repairs After Testing Delays

Fourth EstateClose-up view of the Artemis I Space Launch System rocket inside High Bay 3 of the Vehicle Assembly Building at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida - NASA/Frank Michaux

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) will send back its gigantic new moon rocket to the processing hangar next week for final repairs before a crucial prelaunch test. NASA will haul the 322-foot-tall Artemis I mega moon rocket off …

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South Korea Tests Solid-Fuel Space Rocket

Fourth EstateSouth Korea Solid-Fuel Rocket - Korea Aerospace Research Institute

South Korean officials said they have successfully test-fired a solid-fuel space rocket for the first time, a major step towards acquiring space surveillance capability, amid speculation that North Korea could soon conduct a nuclear test after launching a long-range missile. …

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Roscosmos Chief Says Cooperation With EU Impossible

Russia’s space agency head said Thursday that rockets meant to launch European satellites would now be used for Russian companies or countries friendly to Moscow because Europe had wrecked cooperation by imposing sanctions against his agency. “At this moment, after …

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Boeing Suspends Support, Operations for Russian Airlines

American aerospace company Boeing announced on March 1 that it has suspended support and major operations in Russia over Russian invasion of Ukraine. The aviation giant has suspended parts, maintenance, and technical support services for Russian airlines, according to a …

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Turkey, Pakistan Jointly Produce Fifth-Generation Fighter Jets

Turkish and Pakistani officials on Wednesday said they are concurrently working to produce a fifth-generation fighter stealth jets TF-X, as part of bolstering Islamabad’s military capabilities. President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Turkish Aersospace Industries (TAI), Temel Kotil revealed …

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NASA Unveils Plan to Crash ISS into the Pacific Ocean on Retirement

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) said it plans to retire the International Space Station (ISS) after its third decade in orbit in 2031 by crashing it into the Pacific Ocean.  In the transition report, NASA said it plans …

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Germany Investigates Russian Scientist for Espionage

German prosecutors have charged a Russian scientist who allegedly shared details of a European space rocket program to Russian intelligence in 2019. The scientist identified as Ilnur N,  reportedly “passed on information on research projects in the field of aerospace …

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