Google Pleads with EU Court to Overturn $1.6b Antitrust Fine

Fourth EstateGoogle AdSense Stickers

Google appealed to the European Union’s second-highest court on Monday to junk its $1.6 billion antitrust fine over alleged abuse of dominance in online search advertisements. The tech company went on a three-day hearing to dispute the European Commission’s accusation …

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Lenovo Singapore, Reseller Made ‘Misleading Claims’ About Some Gaming Laptop Models, Says Competition Watchdog

Fourth EstateLenovo reception hall - Ming Xia/Flickr

Lenovo Singapore and its former authorized reseller Want Join have been found guilty of making misleading claims when advertising the capabilities of some of its gaming laptop models. In January 2020, the Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) released a case …

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Australian Regulator Sues Facebook Over Alleged “False, Misleading or Deceptive Conduct” in Advertising

Fourth EstateMeta corporate logo | Fourth Esate

An Australian regulator has commenced legal action against Facebook’s parent company Meta, alleging that the tech company engaged in “false, misleading or deceptive conduct” by knowingly hosting advertising for bogus cryptocurrencies. Meta faces financial and other penalties. The Australian Competition …

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Australia Sues Facebook for Allowing Scam Ads Impersonating Celebrities

Australia announced Friday it is suing Facebook owner Meta over scam adverts for cryptocurrency schemes that falsely claimed to be endorsed by prominent figures. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) said the ads in question used Facebook’s algorithms to …

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China Allocates $300,000 for US Influencers Ahead of Beijing Olympics

Media reports said the Chinese government paid a US-based PR firm to clean China’s image ahead of the Winter Olympics.  According to Australia’s commercial news site,, China spent $300,000 for Vippi Media to enlist influencers with hundreds of thousands …

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Digital Bank Starling Boycotts Meta Over Scam Ads

A British fintech company, Starling Bank, has said it is boycotting Facebook and Instagram advertising platforms to protect its customers from scammers. Starling Bank Chief Executive Anne Boden said the boycott was for the lack of action of Meta, parent …

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Car Company Citroen Egypt Accused of ‘Enabling Sexual Harassment’ in Advertisement

The Egyptian branch of French car company Citroen is facing accusations of ‘enabling sexual harassment’ for an advert that features acclaimed pop star Amr Diab. In the full clip, Diab nearly hits a woman crossing the road, then he takes …

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Australian Government Plans to Curb Google’s Capability to Sell Targeted Ads

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has called for new powers to limit Google’s use of internet data to sell customized advertisements, joining other authorities in claiming that the company has a monopoly on the market harming publishers, advertisers, and …

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