WHO Suspects Monkeypox Spreading Through Sexual Contact

Fourth EstateHighly magnified electron microscope photo shows a mulberry-type monkeypox virus. | CDC via Fourth Estate

The World Health Organization (WHO) suspects that Monkeypox is mostly spreading through sexual contact, but that it isn’t a sexually transmitted disease. According to WHO officials, the virus is not a sexually transmitted infection and does not spread through sperm …

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France Legalizes IVF for Single Women, Lesbians

France’s lower house of parliament adopted legislation on June 29 to grant single women and lesbian couples access to medically assisted reproduction. With a vote of 326 to 115, the French National Assembly approved to extend access to fertility treatments, …

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United Kingdom Cuts 85% in Aid to United Nations Family Planning Program

The United Kingdom has cut about 85% in aid to a global United Nations (UN) family planning program, the agency confirmed in a statement on April 28. The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), the UN sexual and reproductive health agency, …

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