Venezuelan Opposition Candidate Accused of Drone Bombing Given 8-Year Prison Sentence

Venezuelan opposition candidate Juan Requesens received an eight-year prison sentence over an accusation of drone bombing in 2018.

On Thursday, Joel García, Requesens’ lawyer, said the former opposition leader was convicted of conspiracy.

On August 4, 2018, authorities arrested Requesens three days after a drone dropped explosives at a military parade in Caracas where President Nicolás Maduro gave a speech. Maduro was not harmed, but the bombing injured seven soldiers. 

Maduro linked Requesens to the bombing, along with another opposition candidate, Julio Borges. Maduro described Requesens as “one of the craziest” people plotting against him.

Requesens’ camp denied the allegations. His family said that Requesens was alleged of the crime because he was a critic of the Maduro administration.

Following the sentence, García said he would talk to Requesens’ family about the following actions they would take regarding the case.

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