South Dakota Bison Attack Paralyzes British Teen

A British female teen on a gap year trip has been paralyzed after being attacked by a bison at Custer State Park in South Dakota.

Amelia Dean, 19, from Surrey, was left paralyzed after a 2,000-pound bison gored her thigh and threw her 15 feet into the air seven weeks ago during a trip to Custer State Park as part of her gap year travels. 

According to Amelia’s parents, Matthew and Jacqueline Dean, Amelia was left bleeding profusely after the bison charged toward her and punctured her left thigh with one of the bison’s horns, severing Amelia’s femoral artery and injuring nerves in her lower leg and in between her thighs.

“I remember feeling the pressure on my hip. My hip being pushed back and I remember the sensation of flying in the air and going head over heels,” Dean told local news outlet KOTA-TV.

Following the attack, the bison remained close to Dean’s head until her friend was able to lead it away and get help from park authorities. Dean was then promptly brought by ambulance to Monument Health Hospital in Rapid City, South Dakota.

Dean said that as she and her friend were walking a dog in the park, the dog began to approach the bison, who appeared to have been startled. 

“The bison stuck around, and his hooves were right over my head. I remember them being like right by my head,” said Dean.

Dean’s parents have now set up a GoFundMe page in an effort to raise the $140,000 needed for her to receive specialized care at the Rochester, Minnesota-based Mayo Clinic.

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