South African Migrant Camps Targeted in Reprisal Attacks After Gang Rape Incident

The homes of migrants who were suspected of working illegally in abandoned local mines have been set on fire by residents of a South African township close to Johannesburg.

The fire incident followed after a sizable number of miners were implicated in the gang rape of eight women last week which earned tremendous outrage. 

Locals in Kagiso claimed that the assault on women was caused by foreign miners, sometimes known as Zama Zamas. 

Tensions were raised by the sexual assaults that occurred last week in nearby Krugersdorp, and locals demanded a protest.

On Thursday morning, local police used stun grenades and rubber bullets to disperse enraged mobs who were pursuing the miners from the ground and from helicopters.

The foreign miners were forced to seek protection in abandoned underground mine ventilation shafts by others brandishing gardening tools.

A reporter for the national TV network eNCA reported seeing naked males being led through the neighborhood before being assaulted.

Police have taken into custody 22 males who had been the targets of the violence.

There was a reported death but it’s not clear if the demonstration played any role in the person’s passing.

Following the assault, at least 130 individuals have been apprehended, although many of them are being held on immigration-related charges as well as charges of illegally possessing explosives and firearms.

Before filing rape charges against anybody, the police claim they are awaiting the results of DNA tests.

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