Protesters Storm Azerbaijan Embassy in London

A group of radical Shia Muslim protesters stormed the Azerbaijan Embassy in London, leading to eight arrests.

The protest, led by a group from the Mahdi Servants Union, accused Azerbaijan of persecuting Shia Muslims. 

Videos of the protest quickly circulated on social media platforms, showing the demonstrators taking Azerbaijani flags down and writing Arabic slogans on the building’s walls.

A spokesperson for the London Metropolitan Police told news agency Metro that at approximately 4:30 p.m on Thursday, “reports of demonstrators who had infiltrated the premises” were received.

The spokesperson confirmed that eight individuals have been arrested and taken into custody for investigation.

“No injuries were reported. Inquiries are ongoing,” said the spokesperson.

The Mahdi Servants Union was previously accused of targeting the Iranian Embassy in London after four armed men burst into the building to protest the nation’s detention of Iraqi Shia cleric Hussein Al-Shirazi.

According to its website, the Mahdi Servants Union is a Shia Muslim organization that aims for “civilizational dominance.”

The Mahdi Servants Union is led by Yasser Al-Habib, who recently found himself in the middle of a controversy in the UK after his movie “The Lady of Heaven” sparked indignation and demonstrations among British Sunni groups due to its controversial portrayal of Lady Fatimah, the Prophet Muhammad’s daughter.

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