White House Claims Russia Planning. Blame Ukraine for Prison Attack

The White House claimed that Russia plans to blame Ukraine for the prison attack in Olenivska that killed 50 prisoners of war.

A United States administrative official said the USA expects Russia to blame Ukrainian forces, planning to falsify evidence to associate the prison attack with Ukraine’s High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS).

On July 29, Russia’s Ministry of Defense said that Ukraine’s alleged shelling killed 40 Ukrainian soldiers in Olenivska’s detention center. Ukraine’s armed forces denied the allegation, saying Russia has been waging information warfare through its propaganda against Ukraine’s army.

“Consequently, such statements about the alleged shelling of civilian infrastructure and population by the Armed Forces of Ukraine are outright lies and provocation, responsible for which Russia — the aggressor country, occupier and sponsor of terrorism,” said the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Ukraine accused Russia of allegedly targeting the prison in Olenivska to “pursue their criminal goals” to accuse Ukraine of war crimes.

United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres said the UN would establish a fact-finding team to investigate the attack upon the call of Russia and Ukraine.

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