Taiwanese Government Sites Struck by Cyberattack

Taiwan Presidential Office spokesperson Chang Tun-Han confirmed that the Taiwanese Defense Ministry website, along with three other government sites, was struck by a cyberattack.

According to Chang, the websites of President Tsai Ing-wen, the National Defense Ministry, the Foreign Affairs Ministry, and the country’s largest airport, Taiwan Taoyuan International, were hit by an overseas distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack.

Taiwanese authorities have yet to discover who perpetrated the cyberattack on the government websites, which occurred just hours before United States House Speaker Nancy Pelosi arrived in Taiwan.

DDoS attacks work by cybercriminals sending hordes of computers to multiple websites at once in an effort to saturate them with traffic and make them unreachable.

Cybersecurity experts view DDoS attacks as small cyberattacks compared to other types since they are relatively simple to carry out, need little infrastructure or expertise to carry out, and often do not cause any permanent harm.

“In the face of continuous compound information operations by foreign forces, government agencies will continue to strengthen monitoring to maintain national information and communication security and the stable operation of key infrastructure,” said another spokesperson for Tsai’s office, Zhang Dunhan.

Chang confirmed that all four government websites are now accessible.

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