Netherlands Announces Water Shortage

The Dutch government has announced a water shortage following the persistent drought and low water levels in rivers.

“Since 13 July 2022, [the water situation] has been scaled up to the level of imminent water shortage (level 1). As of today, a national actual water shortage (level 2) applies,” the government said in a statement on Wednesday.

The government said the water shortage would mainly affect the agricultural sector because irrigation would be limited. 

Water Shortage Management Team (MTW) chairman Michèle Blom noted that one of the initial measures done to address the water shortage was banning spraying crops with surface water.

Despite the water shortage, the government claimed that the drinking water supply is still sufficient.

MTW, which consists of water boards, drinking water companies, and government agencies concerned with water sources, has started to plan measures for water distribution.

The government said that pumps and locks had been used for water distribution between rivers in recent weeks.

Infrastructure and Water Management minister Mark Harbers urged the Dutch to “think carefully” about water use in daily activities.

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