France Warns of Winter Gas Cuts

The French government warned that the country may face gas cuts in the coming winter as Russia continues to significantly reduce gas shipments to Europe.

French Energy Minister Agnes Pannier-Runacher told CNews television that even if the nation’s natural gas reserves are at maximum capacity, businesses in the country may still need to cut back on energy use this winter.

“The main players, government agencies and businesses, must reduce their consumption” of gas as well as electricity, because “the two systems are linked,” said Pannier-Runacher.

According to Pannier-Runacher, France’s strategic gas reserves are currently 80 percent full, which means they will be at 100 percent by November.

As a result of maintenance or safety concerns, fewer of France’s nuclear plants will be operating this winter, which might also put a burden on the country’s electricity supplies.

Pannier-Runacher said that France is “Counting on solidarity, notably with Germany, to import electricity.”

Moscow has significantly reduced shipments to Europe in response to punitive Western sanctions over the Russian invasion of Ukraine, prompting several EU nations to look for alternatives.

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