Federal Grand Jury Subpoenas Two Trump White House Lawyers

Top Trump White House lawyers Pat Cipollone and Pat Philbin have been subpoenaed to appear before the Jan. 6 federal grand jury.

Philbin and Cipollone were subpoenaed for testimony and documents because they were deemed key witnesses to Trump’s actions in the last days of his presidency.

Prosecutors have already questioned several witnesses, including two top aides to former Vice President Mike Pence regarding the moments leading up to the Capitol riot, but there is still no information if a criminal case would be filed against ex-President Donald Trump. 

Cipollone has already testified before the House committee  earlier this year that he, Philbin, and other aides advised Trump issue a strong condemnation of the riots, 

“I was pretty clear there needed to be an immediate and forceful response, statement, public statement, that people need to leave the Capitol now,” said Cipollone in his earlier testimony.  

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