Taliban Warns Tajikistan Of Military Action If Continues Meddling In Afghanistan

Afghanistan on Wednesday warned it will take military action against Tajikistan unless it takes immediate steps to end interference into the internal affairs of Afghanistan.

Deputy Commander of the 207 Military Corps in northern Takhar province, Mullah Jan Mohammad Hamza claimed that “its forces are capable of overtaking Tajikistan in the span of one week in case of any possible war.”

Speaking at a gathering of top Taliban officials who visited Takhar from Kabul, Hamza warned that “military action is still an option if Tajikistan persists in its blatant interference in Afghanistan.”

Relations between the two neighboring countries Afghanistan and Tajikistan have deteriorated since August 15 when the Taliban seized power.  

Tajikistan is not communicating directly with the Taliban, and said it would not recognize the Taliban as Afghanistan’s legitimate government until it establishes an inclusive government along with representative of the Afghan Tajik population.

Tajikistan President Emomali Rahmon had earlier accused the Taliban of incompetence to deal with the current affairs of Afghanistan and also blamed Taliban for pursuing an aggressive policy of discrimination against various ethnic groups and religious scholars.

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