Suspected Hacking Delays Tory Leadership Vote

The UK Tories have delayed their leadership vote after the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) warned of possible poll hacking.

The GCHQ’s National Cyber Security Center however, did not issue a specific bulletin or mention any specific threat and said that it was a general warning.

The Tories were supposed to issue a postal ballot with a code and could be used to vote by post or online.

“Your ballot is on the way but it will arrive with you a little later, as we said. Please do not worry as we have added additional security to our ballot process by taking some time due to which there may be a slight delay,” said an advisory.

The Tories have not yet made a statement, while some members of the party confirmed the delay.

“I’ve heard they’re delayed. I think there’s some minor security issue which has been dealt with but it won’t delay the result of the poll which is a crucial thing for everybody,” said North West Durham MP Richard Holden.

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