Russia Names Ukraine’s ‘Azov Regiment’ as a ‘Terrorist’ Group

The Azov Regiment of Ukraine has been designated a “terrorist” organization by Russia’s Supreme Court, opening the door for the unit’s captured members to be tried in Russian courts and possibly given lengthy prison terms.

Moscow has frequently criticized the Azov battalion for its historical affiliations with right-wing extremists, using them as justification for this year’s invasion of Ukraine, which they refer to as the “denazification” of Kyiv. 

The Azov battalion was originally organized in 2014 as a far-right paramilitary volunteer group against pro-Moscow rebels in eastern Ukraine where it was then reorganized and included in the national guard of Ukraine.

In a closed session, the Russian Supreme Court issued its decision designating the Azov battalion a terrorist group, according to state-run news organizations.

Following the adjournment of earlier sessions in May and June, this was the court’s third attempt to label the regiment a “terrorist” organization.

Over the weekend, the Russian Embassy in Britain demanded that Azov Regiment soldiers undergo a “humiliating” hanging death, which infuriated Kyiv.

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