Japanese Truck Maker Hino Admits Fabricating Emissions Data for Two Decades

Hino Motors admitted that it has routinely fabricated emissions data going back as far as 2003 after an investigation. 

Hino President Satoshi Ogiso, at a hastily convened press conference, bowed sincerely and expressed regret to clients and other stakeholders for the falsified data. 

According to Ogiso, teams working on engine development realized they couldn’t fulfill deadlines and fabricated test results under pressure.

Ogiso said that there aren’t suspected safety issues at play despite the fabrication. 

In March, Hino Motors admitted to falsifying data for government-mandated testing on emissions and mileage. 

A team of outside experts was assembled to look into the matter.

The 17-page report said it laid the blame for the lack of engagement and unity among the employees on the company’s “inward-looking and conservative culture.” 

According to the experts in the investigation, Hino’s leadership neglected to interact with frontline employees, prioritizing monetary objectives and deadlines at the expense of operational procedures.

Hino said that a suitable checking system will be established, policies will be revised, and corporate culture will be strengthened, and would devise measures to prevent it from happening again.

Ogiso stressed that the issue affected the entire company, not just the teams in question, and pledged to inform Hino’s workers, foster a more open corporate culture, and promote a good work ethic.

Among the misbehaviors discovered involved changing emissions durability testing on a variety of models and falsifying data about fuel efficiency in heavy-duty engines.

In Japan, Hino has recalled 67,000 automobiles due to inaccurate data. 

According to Ogiso, it’s still unclear how the most recent disclosure would affect Hino’s financial results. 

Hino revealed there may be close to 300,000 affected vehicles.

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