911 Call Reveals North Carolina Pilot Jumped from Plane Before Emergency Landing

A 911 call released on Tuesday revealed that a co-pilot who mysteriously vanished in midair in North Carolina had “jumped” out of the aircraft.

Charles Hew Crooks, 23, was found dead in the backyard of a home after he plunged from the twin-engine CASA CN-212 Aviocar near Raleigh, North Carolina, on Friday afternoon.

Crooks did not have a parachute when he jumped from the plane.

“This is from Raleigh Airport. We have a pilot who was inbound to the field. His co-pilot jumped out of the aircraft. He made impact to the ground, and here are the coordinates,” an FAA air traffic controller said on the recording.

Darshan Patel, Wake County Emergency Management Chief of Operations, said the initial 911 call came in around 2:30 PM last Friday, and flight logs indicate the emergency landing occurred at 2:48 PM.

“Once the aircraft had landed, it was reconfirmed based on a report the pilot said the second person in the aircraft had exited the aircraft prior to landing,” Patel said.

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