Sudan Launches Manhunt for Sources of CNN Gold Investigation Information

The Sudanese government is reportedly hunting the people who gave CNN information on Russia’s gold smuggling operations in the region.

CNN recently did an investigative report on how Russia smuggled gold out of Sudan to mitigate the effects of western sanctions.

According to the report, Russia has colluded with the Sudanese military to help launch the 2021 coup and quash dissent in exchange for gold. 

Yevgeny Prigozhin, a Russian oligarch and key ally of President Vladimir Putin was also reportedly involved in the scheme and extracted Sudeanse gold through his company, Meroe Gold.

According to the sources, the Sudanese military is now hunting down and harassing the individuals who provided CNN with the information on the Russia-Sudan Military gold collusion.

Sudan has recently been experiencing pro-democracy protests since the 2021 coup. 

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