Kansas to Become First State to Vote on Abortion After Roe v. Wade Ruling

Kansas residents were asked whether they supported or opposed the conservative legislature’s efforts to further restrict or outlaw abortion after the landmark Roe v. Wade ruling last June.

The Kansas Constitutional Amendment referendum was keenly monitored as a gauge of the outrage among liberal and centrist voters following the June verdict that struck down the right to abortion nationwide. 

No matter their political leanings, Kansas voters were asked whether to change the state constitution to do away with an abortion right that is currently protected. 

People from Texas, Oklahoma, and Missouri have flown to Kansas for abortion services because the surgery is currently permitted there for up to 22 weeks, despite Republican-led efforts to restrict access to the procedure.

A majority vote for yes would mean the Kansas state constitution would be changed to reflect that it “does not create or secure a right to abortion” and “does not necessitate government funding of abortion”.

If “no,” the Kansas  state constitution would remain unchanged and abortions up to 22 weeks would still be lawful. 

Kansas legislators might still establish strict abortion restrictions, but they would have a harder time in court demonstrating their validity.

The state constitution has been upheld by the Kansas courts up to this point as providing an abortion right.

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