Beyoncé to Re-Record ‘Renaissance’ Song Containing Ableist Slur After Criticism

Beyoncé confirmed that she will re-record a song on her new album “Renaissance,” following criticisms from disability charities and activists that the track contained an “ableist” and “offensive” term.

A representative for Beyoncé told media outlets on Aug. 1 that the word “spaz” in the song “Heated” was “not used intentionally in a harmful way” and “will be replaced in the lyrics.”

Beyoncé dropped her seventh studio album on July 29, but its 11th track drew backlash from disability campaigners for containing the word derogatory term.

The term has often been used to demean people with spastic cerebral palsy.

The representative did not provide a timeline for the re-recording of the song, which Beyoncé co-wrote with Canadian rapper Drake.

The criticisms against Beyoncé and her song came weeks after another musician, Lizzo, received backlash for using the same term in her song, “Grrrls,” which was released in June.

Lizzo apologized for using the word and omitted it in a re-release of the song within days of facing backlash.

United Kingdom disability charity Sense initially said on Twitter that it was “disappointing that another artist is using an offensive term in their song so soon after it was pointed out how hurtful the word is.”

The charity later said that it was “pleased” to hear that Beyoncé will re-record the song to omit the term.

Australian writer and disability advocate Hannah Diviney also welcomed the move, saying that she was “grateful” for Beyoncé and her team.

“Where she leads, the music industry follows,” Diviney said.

Despite the criticisms, “Renaissance” which is Beyoncé’s seventh studio album, is expected to top the global charts this week.

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