Nancy Pelosi Confirms Taiwan Visit Despite Earlier China Warning

US and Taiwanese officials have claimed that US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will visit Taiwan despite earlier warnings from China.

The White House earlier denied that Pelosi would be visiting Taiwan after a Chinese propagandist warned that her plane would be shot down if it was accompanied by military aircraft. 

A Taiwanese and US official, however, said that Pelosi would be going to Taiwan as part of her Asian tour and would stay the night, but did not mention any specific time or date. 

A TVBS reporter mentioned that Pelosi might arrive on Tuesday but there has been no confirmation. 

Department of Defense officials are reportedly conducting active surveillance on Chinese movements and are devising security measures. 

“We would like to tell the US once again that China is standing by, and the Chinese People’s Liberation Army will never sit idly by. China will take resolute responses and strong countermeasures to defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity,” said Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian on Pelosi’s possible visit. 

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