Indonesia Blocks Steam, PayPal and More Online Services Over Missed Deadline

The Indonesian government has blocked its citizens from accessing several online services, including Steam and PayPal, after missing a deadline to comply with the country’s content moderation laws.

Steam, Epic Games, Battle Net, Ubisoft, Origin, Nintendo, Yahoo, and PayPal are among the websites and services that have been blacklisted by the Indonesian communication agency, Kominfo. 

According to Kominfo’s regulations, businesses classified as “Private Electronic System Providers” must register with the government’s database in order to conduct business in Indonesia, otherwise, they risk a complete prohibition. 

The companies involved were given until July 27 to comply; those that didn’t have had their services banned since then.

Amazon, Meta, and Google were among the businesses that met the deadline.

Daniel Ahmad, a senior analyst at a gaming research firm, Niko Partners, said that Kominfo has “Already reached out to these companies to ensure compliance and reverse the block.”

The EFF recently wrote a letter to Kominfo calling for the repeal of its content regulation laws. 

According to the EFF, the regulations “Contain content moderation provisions which are inconsistent with internationally-recognized human rights, including the freedom of expression and to hold opinions without interference online.”

A report published by the EFF in 2021 elaborated that the regulation laws fail to abide by Article 15 of the United Nation’s International Covenant on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights (ICESCR), which states that people have a right to “take part in cultural life” and to “enjoy the benefits of scientific progress and its applications.”

Due to the prohibition, players in Indonesia are currently unable to process some payments and play specific games.

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