Elon Musk Filed a Countersuit Against Twitter Over $44bn Deal

Elon Musk has filed a countersuit against Twitter, for demanding Musk keep to his $44bn purchase deal. 

According to the Chancery Court in the state of Delaware, Musk mounted a legal defense against Twitter’s claim that Musk is bound to complete the deal in April. 

Chancery Court Chief Judge Kathaleen St J McCormick ordered a five-day trial to begin on October 17 as Musk requested, instead of two weeks in February next year. 

Musk filed the 164-page counterclaim as “confidential,” but rules of the court required him to submit a public version of the filing omitting any sensitive information. 

Previously, Musk offered to buy Twitter for $54.20 per share, but on July 8, Musk announced “terminating” the agreement because Twitter misled him regarding its tally of fake and spam accounts. 

Days later, Twitter sued Musk for breaching the merger contract, which according to Twitter, Musk was bound to, and that Musk was only using the fake account claims as a distraction to back out of the contract.  

Twitter also accused Musk of seeking massive amounts of data “irrelevant to the main issue in the case.”  

On Friday, Judge McCormick said the “order does not resolve any specific discovery disputes, including the propriety of any requests for large data sets.” 

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