Guatemalan Police Arrest Staunch Government Critic and El Periodico Editor

Guatemalan police have arrested journalist Jose Ruben Zamora, the founder of the El Periodico newspaper and a known government critic, for alleged money laundering.

“The Public Ministry (MP) of Consuelo Porras and the Special Prosecutor Against Impunity (FECI), led by Rafael Curruchiche, executed raids and an arrest warrant against the director of elPeriódico , Jose Rubén Zamora, who currently has precautionary measures from the Inter-American Commission of Human Rights (IACHR),” confirmed El Periodico.

Juan Luis Pantaleon, a spokesperson for the Guatemalan Public Prosecutor’s Office said that Zamora’s arrest was related to possible money laundering  and “not for his journalistic work, but as a businessman.”

Curruchiche said that the search and raid of Zamora’s home and office were necessary to obtain evidence. 

El Periodico added that several staff members have been detained and that the searches were conducted by officers who did not identify themselves and arrived in unmarked vehicles. 

“I imagine there must be a conspiracy, a persecution… and if that is the case, love for Guatemala must be paid with jail,” said Zamora on his arrest. 

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