Ukraine Claims Syrian Ship Carrying “Stolen” Grain Docks in Lebanon

Ukrainian Ambassador to Lebanon, Ihor Ostahs said that a Syrian-owned ship named “Laodicea” carrying “stolen” grain from Ukraine was allowed to dock in Tripoli, warning that such a move could harm Ukraine-Lebanon relations.

The Ukrainian Embassy in Beirut in a Facebook post said that Ostash met with Lebanese President Michel Aoun and drew his attention to the fact that a Syrian ship entered the sea port of Tripoli on July 27 carrying barley exported from the occupied territories in the port of Fyudosia.

Ostash asked for an urgent investigation and hoped that Lebanese authorities would take all necessary measures to find out the circumstances of vessels being docked in Lebanese territorial waters.

“Despite Russian invasion, Ukraine will remain a reliable partner to Lebanon and continue to supply wheat to the Lebanon market,” the post reads.

Reports say that there were 5,000 tonnes of flour and 5,000 tonnes of barley on the ship which had departed from a port in Crimea.

Lebanese officials said they will launch a comprehensive investigation into the matter.

Last week, Ukraine and Russia signed an UN-brokered deal in Turkey agreeing to resume grain exports to the world market from Ukrainian Black sea ports.

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