Tetra Pak Departs From Russia

Packaging company Tetra Pak announced its departure from Russia due to the impact of the war on its business operations in the country.

After 62 years of conducting business in Russia, Tetra Pak said it is leaving Russia due to the “cumulative impact of the restrictions on exports” on the Swiss-owned company. 

“This follows the company’s earlier decision to suspend all new investments and projects in Russia, restricting its operations to support customers for essential food items only, in line with its strongly held commitment to the principle of people’s right to access safe food,” said Tetra Pak in a statement.

In an effort to maintain continuity for customers and lessen the impact on its staff, Tetra Pak froze all new investments and projects in Russia back in March.

According to Tetra Pak’s statement, ownership of the company will be transferred to a separate business entity with a new name and will be completely unaffiliated with Tetra Pak. 

Due to the effects of sanctions, Russia’s packaging industry is struggling. The formerly colorful juice cartons are now mostly printed in white due to a supply constraint. Tetra Pak said that it is an example of how supply chains have been altered, which has also created juice cartons without the customary colors since the war began.

“The company would like to thank its customers and partners for their valuable support, and its employees for their dedication and service throughout these years,” said Tetra Pak.

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