Riots Erupt in Haiti’s Capital City

Gang warfare and riots in the Haitian capital of Port-au-Prince have caused numerous injuries, deaths, and damage to property as the government struggles to take control of the country.

On Wednesday, July 27 the “Krache dife” gang, close to the G9 coalition, and that of Bel-Air, an ally of the G-Pèp coalition have engaged in shootouts in the streets of  in several neighborhoods in the city center of the capital, Port-au-Prince.

Residents of Poste-Marchand, Fort National, Solino, Nazon, and other neighborhoods in the vicinity were forced to flee to avoid getting caught in the crossfire.

The Faculty of Sciences of the State University of Haiti (UEH), which is located in the conflict zone, was forced to suspend operations to avoid getting caught in the fighting. 

“The Board of Directors of the Faculty of Sciences has decided to observe, from this Wednesday, July 27, a temporary stoppage of academic activities due to the deterioration of the security situation. Indeed, in less than a week, several lost projectiles have been found on the playground and even in classrooms,” said UEH’s directors. 

The transitional Cathedral of Port-au-Prince was also reportedly vandalized and burned down by some of the warring gangs. 

There are no concrete figures of deaths and injuries yet while the Haitian National Police (PNH) has not yet made a statement. 

Aside from the gang warfare, political activists of the opposition party have also launched mass protests in several cities to demand the resignation of the acting Prime Minister, Ariel Henry.

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