White House Launches Heat.gov Website as Extreme Heat Hits the U.S.

The White House launched on July 26 a new website that will provide science-based information to help keep Americans safe from extreme heat.

The Heat.gov website features maps, data, and other resources from across federal agencies to help the public and local officials prepare for heat waves, understand and reduce the health risks, and identify those who are most vulnerable.

The website also provides guidance for those most at risk of heat-related illness and death, such as the elderly, those with certain pre-existing medical conditions, and young children.

Extreme heat also disproportionately affects Native American and Black communities, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The website is part of broader measures by the government in response to extreme heat and other impacts of climate change.

“President Biden has directed us to respond to the extreme heat gripping the nation. Extreme heat is a silent killer, yet it affects more Americans than any other weather emergency — particularly our nation’s most vulnerable, White House National Climate Advisor Gina McCarthy said.

“Heat.gov is an exciting new and accessible website designed to help everyone become engaged with their community, their state-level government, and federal partners, to take actions that can reduce the deadly health impacts of extreme heat,” McCarthy further said.

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