UK Cities Issued Wildfire Risks

Fire council authorities have warned cities in the United Kingdom of wildfire risks amid the heatwave across the country.

National Fire Chiefs Council (NFCC) lead wildfire tactical advisor David Swallow said the fire and rescue services should “recognize the risks they’ve got now.”

“There are very urban services that think that wildfires are low down on the risk list. I understand the need to prioritize resources, but there needs to be a review,” Swallow said.

The Meteorological Office (Met Office) released a fire and rescue inspection report Wednesday, saying some services failed to act toward public safety. Met Office added that six out of 15 services had not prioritized prevention activity enough.

Met Office has urged services to address causes of concerns, including fire prevention, values and culture, and fairness and diversity.

Met Office reported last week that the temperature in the UK reached 40 degrees Celsius, a record high. It said areas across the UK could still experience above-average temperature in August.

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