Longstanding Adviser to Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban Resigns Over ‘Pure Nazi Speech’

A longstanding adviser to Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban resigned after he spoke out against “race mixing” in a “pure Nazi speech.”

Zsuzsa Hegedüs, who has known Orban for 20 years, said in a resignation letter obtained by Hungarian news outlet hvg.hu that the speech crossed a line.

“I don’t know how you didn’t notice that the speech you delivered is a purely Nazi diatribe worthy of Joseph Goebbels,” Hegedüs wrote, referring to Adolf Hitler’s propaganda minister.

On July 23, Orban spoke out against becoming a “mixed race” at an event in Băile Tuşnad, Romania, which has a large Hungarian community and where he traditionally delivers an annual keynote address.

Orban said in his speech that Europeans should be free to mix with one another, but Europeans mixing with non-Europeans created “mixed race” people.

“We are willing to mix with one another, but we do not want to become peoples of mixed race,” Orban said, adding that countries that view this as acceptable were “no longer nations.”

Hegedüs criticized the speech as “a disgraceful stance” that “has forced me to sever our relationship.”

Orban accepted Hegedüs’s resignation but denied that he was a racist.

“You can’t be serious about accusing me of racism after twenty years of working together. You know best that in the case of anti-Semitism and racism in Hungary, my government follows a policy of zero tolerance,” Orban wrote in a letter, obtained by Hungarian news outlet Mandiner.

Orban’s spokesperson Zoltan Kovacs said that the mainstream media was “hyperventilating about a couple of PM Orbán’s tough lines about immigration and assimilation.”

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