Large Blaze Spreads Through Bohemian Switzerland National Park

Large blaze continues to spread through the Bohemian Switzerland National Park, also known as Czech Switzerland, in the north-western Czech Republic, amid record temperatures, dry conditions, and intense winds in the country.  

According to reports, Czech authorities advised residents living in many areas to keep their windows closed as the fire brigade fought the forest fire. 

“There are fires in Bohemian Switzerland every year but not on such a scale. We are no longer talking in terms of hectares, but rather square kilometers,” said Pavel Benda, head of the national park. 

Hundreds of Czech firefighters were deployed in affected areas, while hundreds of residents evacuated their homes. 

Reports said the three German teams helping in Czech had to leave for the German side of the border as the fire started to spread.  

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Petr Fiala visited the scene of the fire.  

Germany, Slovakia, Poland, and Italy sent their firefighters in response to Czech calls for aid under the EU’s civil protection mechanism. 

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