Iranian Intelligence Chief Claims “Several Successful Operations” Against Israel

Iran on Wednesday claimed it has carried out a “number of successful operations” against Israel in recent months.

Iranian Intelligence Minister, Esmaeil Khatib in his briefing with the Iranian parliament speaker said that its operatives not only countered the Zionist regime’s plots, but also “conducted operations against the Israeli regime.” 

“We have had an outstanding success in thwarting the plots of terrorist groups, particularly Israel to disrupt security in Iran,” Khatib said, but did not give exact details or mention any specific incidents.

Khatib described his office’s main duty to fight against terrorism, the Zionist regime, and any acts which is detrimental to Iran’s national interest.

Meanwhile, Iran’s Foreign Ministry accused Israel of burying nuclear waste in the occupied West Bank, and called on the International Atomic Energy Agency to intervene.

The Ministry Spokesman Nasser Kanaani said that Iran always warned the world about Israel’s illegal activities in the region and demanded an immediate investigation on the report of Israel’s burial of nuclear, chemical and solid waste in the Palestinian territories.

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