Hundreds of Angry Protesters Storm Parliament in Iraq’s Green Zone

Hundreds of protesters, many of them followers of Iraqi Shia leader Muqtada Sadr have stormed the parliament building in the capital Baghdad’s heavily fortified Green Zone on Wednesday.

The Green Zone is a home to several diplomatic missions and government offices.

The protesters opposed the Coordination Framework’s nomination of Mohammed Shia’ Sabbar al-Sudani for prime minister.

Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhemi called on the protesters and Sadr’s supporters to “immediately withdraw” from the Green Zone.

“Parliament represents the authority of the people and the law, and the security forces are committed to protect the state institutions,” al-Kadhemi added.

Saleh Muhammad al-Iraqi, known as Al-Sadr’s close aide said that they support the protestors and called it a wonderful spontaneous, popular reform message.

However, he called on the demonstrators to withdraw from the Green Zone for their own safety.

Al-Sadr’s bloc won 73 seats in Iraq’s October 2021 election out of 329-seat in parliament, but they failed to form a new government, triggering Iraq into political instability.

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