Russia to Cut Germany Gas Supplies Further

Russian energy company Gazprom said Monday it would reduce its gas supplies to Germany through the Nord Stream 1 pipeline by 20 percent starting Wednesday.

In a statement, Gazprom said it would reduce the gas deliveries to 33 million cubic meters because of the “technical condition” at the Portvoya compression station. Gazprom added that it would shut down Siemens’ gas turbine engine.

Germany’s Federal Ministry for Economic and Climate Protection (BMWK) said that reducing the gas deliveries through the Nord Stream 1 pipeline has no technical reason.

In June, Gazprom cut the Nord Stream 1 pipeline’s delivery of Russian gas to Germany to 40 percent.

BMWK Federal Minister Robert Habeck said last week that lowering the capacity of the Nord Stream 1 pipeline “speaks a clear political language,” confirming that Germany could not rely on gas deliveries.

“Putin’s goal is to unsettle, drive up prices, divide society and weaken support for Ukraine. We do not bow to this, but counter it with concentrated and consistent action,” Habeck said.

Habeck presented another energy security package on July 21 to address the reduced gas flow from Russia. The security package focuses on “saving gas and filling the storage tank.”

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