Fukushima Town Evacuation Order to Be Lifted on August, Water Release Approved

The Japanese government announced on Tuesday that the evacuation order for a portion of the town housing the wrecked Fukushima nuclear power plant that was imposed in 2011 due to elevated radiation levels will be lifted on August 30.

For the first time since the nuclear tragedy in March 2011, residents of Futaba can now permanently return to that region, which was classified as a special base for revitalization and reconstruction under a “difficult-to-return” zone.

As one of six municipalities in northern Japan’s Fukushima Prefecture that were designated as bases for restoration and regeneration, a portion of Futaba is now the third of those to have its evacuation order removed.

Decontamination efforts to lower radiation levels and infrastructure development were done at these bases to allow residents to re-enter.

The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power station, which is located in the town of Okuma and is also home to a portion of the village of Katsurao, had its evacuation orders removed in June.

By 2030, the community hopes to have 2,000 residents, which would be fewer than 30% of the population before the nuclear catastrophe.

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