Ecuador’s Ex-President Probed over Missing Artifacts

Ecuador’s public prosecutor has opened an investigation on former President Lenin Moreno for alleged embezzlement of artifacts from the Carondelet Museum at the President’s Palace.

The prosecutor’s office said Tuesday it raided Moreno’s house to investigate the missing artifacts.

Moreno said he invited the prosecutor to his house to conduct the investigation.

“As I said last July 14, today I invite the Prosecutor’s Office to enter my house to verify that the [Union for Hope (UNES)] assemblywoman’s complaint about the illegal possession of archaeological pieces is simply another of the many stories they have invented,” Moreno wrote on Twitter.

In February, UNES legislator Pamela Aguirre filed a complaint against Moreno, saying some of the “11,500 gifts that belong to the Ecuadorian people” went missing.

Aguirre said that the case involved the embezzlement of 8,000 goods and not illegally possessing archeological pieces.

Moreno said that he had collected pieces of ceramics without high economic value for 40 years. He claimed he had cataloged his collections at the National Institute of Culture Heritage.

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