Czech Police Turns Seized Ferrari into Patrol Car

Police in the Czech Republic announced that they have turned a Ferrari seized from criminals into a patrol car.

Czech Police said they added the confiscated Ferrari 458 Italia to its fleet to be used against the “most aggressive drivers on Czech highways when chasing stolen vehicles or during surveillance at the locations of reported tuning events.”

Police said a special surveillance department will use the car to fight against international illegal races and to supervise the safety and flow of traffic on highways.

Only “specially trained” police officers will drive the car, police noted.

The Ferrari, which has been painted with yellow and blue reflective stripes, is capable of speeds up to 326 km/h (202 mph)

Police said that they modified the high-powered vehicle for about 300,000 CZK ($12,490), which they said was the same cost as a new Škoda Scala car.

According to the police, they seized 900 vehicles last year, most of which were sold and the proceeds are used to cover damage caused by offenders.

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