South Korea to Lift North Korean Media Ban

South Korea announced it would lift the ban on North Korean media, opening an information flow between the two nations to restore ethnic homogeneity.

South Korea’s Unification Ministry presented the 2022 Ministry of Unification Work Plan to President Yoon Suk Yeol on Friday, aiming to promote peaceful unification through democratic order.

The unification work plan included opening access and communication between South and North Korea.

“The Ministry will make efforts to restore ethnic homogeneity by enhancing mutual understanding and consensus between the two Koreas through phased opening of mass media that convey information,” the work plan noted.

The unification ministry has committed to pursuing “possible inter-Korean exchange and cooperation,” raising awareness of the two nations’ similar ethnic backgrounds.

The unification ministry also noted it would use the new media to promote unification among younger generations, broadening the digital unification education.

According to Seoul’s Konkuk University research professor Jeon Young Sun, North Korea could most likely refuse to take the same step because South Korea’s cultural and media content could pose “a really huge threat” to Pyongyang’s authoritarian rule.

The unification ministry said that the Yoon Suk Yeol administration aims to achieve a “denuclearized, peaceful, and prosperous Korean Peninsula.”

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