Mass Shooting Reported in British Colombia

A series of shootings with multiple casualties has been reported in the downtown and township districts of Langley City, British Colombia.

According to the police, at around 6:15 a.m. PT the first shootings were reported in downtown Langley while another was reported in the nearby township. 

The alleged gunman was reportedly using a white car and was described as a white man with dark hair who was wearing brown Carhartt coveralls as well as a blue and green camouflage T-shirt with a red logo on the right sleeve.

Only one suspect has been arrested so far, while most of the victims were homeless individuals.

There is already on confirmed death while there is no official tally yet. 

“We do have a male suspect in custody. However, we are ruling out any other outstanding individuals before we stand the emergency alert down,” said Sgt. Rebecca Parslow.

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